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       systemimager.conf - configuration file for SystemImager server


       The systemimager.conf file residing in the /etc/systemimager directory
       controls the default behavior of commands run on the SystemImager
       server.  It is parsed by the AppConfig Perl module, and uses simple
       name/value pairs.


       The follow stanzas exist in the systemimager.conf file

           The directory where images are stored.  The default set in the file
           is /var/lib/systemimager/images.  If your image repository exists
           else where you can set this variable to change that.  This variable
           is used by getimage and mksimachine to determine where to put the
           created image.

           The directory where autoinstall scripts are stored.  The default
           set in the file is /var/lib/systemimager/scripts.  This is use by
           mkautoinstallscript to determine where the autoinstall script for
           an image should be created.  It is also used by addclients, and
           mksimachine, and mksirange to determine where the client scripts
           should be created.

           The top level directory where the boot kernel, ramdisk, and other
           architecture specific utilities exist.  The installed default for
           this is $PREFIX/share/systemimager, where $PREFIX is the installed
           prefix for all the SystemImager tools.  In this directory will
           exist a number of architecture specific directories of the format
           $ARCH-boot (e.g. i386-boot, ia64-boot, etc.).  The variable is used
           by mkautoinstallcd, mkautoinstalldiskette and mkbootserver.

           The local of the rsyncd.conf file associated with SystemImager.
           The installed default is /etc/systemimager/rsyncd.conf.

           The directory this file resides in.


       CONFIG_DIR seems redundant, as you can’t parse the file unless you know
       where it is.


       The SystemImager Manual.


       SystemImager is maintained by Brian Finley (

       This man page created by Sean Dague (