Provided by: uutraf_1.1-13_i386 bug

NAME - UUCP traffic analyzator configuration file


       The  describes  the  various cost parameters per site.  Hash
       signs introduce comment lines; data lines consists of the following  11

       1.)    remote host name (mandatory),

       2.)    provider connection fee per minute (mandatory),

       3.)    fee per file (0),

       4.)    fee per transferred file-kB (0),

       5.)    fee per mail (mandatory),

       6.)    fee per transferred mail-kB (mandatory),

       7.)    fee per news (0),

       8.)    fee per transferred news-kB (0),

       9.)    1  if  you  want to round up each transferred kB up (pessimistic
              calculation on the ISP’s size), or
              0 if you want to calculate the cost  based  on  the  real  aizes
              (calculation on real traffic).

       10.)   telephone company cost per call (mandatory),

       11.)   telephone company cost per minute (mandatory).


       # uutraf configuration file
       #        [------------------------provider---------------------] [----ptt---]
       # host   c/min f/file f/(f*kB) f/mail f/(m*kB) f/news f/(n*kB) m c/call c/min
       obastrlx 0.0                   0.0    0.0                        0.10   0.12
       luna                           0.0   0.0    0.0                                        0.00   0.00

       Note  that  the  local host luna has an entry too (filled with zeroes);
       this prevents uutraf(1) to issue an warning message  about  an  unknown
       host.   The  cost  figure is in local currency (eg. Dollars); uutraf(1)
       assumes that calls are only done during one tariffary period  (eg.  all
       low rate calls).




       uutraf(1), uucp(1).


       David Frey