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       xbat - A Xevious-like classic arcade game


       xbat - [options]


       Xbat  is a fast moving action game for X11.  Xbat closely resembles the
       classic arcade game Xevious.  While navigating his Solvalou, the player
       must  survive  waves  of enemy airships, occasionally meeting up with a
       "boss-ship" at the end of a level.


       -h | -help
              Print usage summary

       -dc    Use default colormap

       -g     Auto fire

       -hs    High speed mode

       -r     Exchange [x] and [z] keys

       -mode [0-4]
              Set game level 0:easy, 1:normal, 2:difficult, 3:more  difficult,

       -wait [0-10]
              Set wait 0:no wait - 10:slowest


       The  aim  of  the game is to penetrate deep into occupied territory and
       defeat any enemy troops that are encountered on the way.

       Flying a spacecraft onto the enemy  base,  the  player  must  withstand
       waves  of  airborne  attack vessels.  From the ground, enemy bases fire
       missiles at the spacecraft.

       Enemy airships can  be  fired  at  with  air-to-air  missiles.   Ground
       targets can be engaged using laser guided bombs.

       When  an enemy base-ship appears, it can only be destroyed by carefully
       dropping a bomb into one of its exposed exhaust vents.

       When the player’s spacecraft is hit  by  another  flying  object  or  a
       missile,  the ship is destroyed.  If any ships are still left, the game
       is continued at about the same place on the map.

       At the start of the game, the player is equipped with an initial number
       of  spacecrafts.   When  all  of these have been destroyed, the game is
       over.  By exceeding certain score levels, extra  ships  can  be  earned
       during gameplay.


       Game controls
              [s]  Start  or  pause  [q],[Esc] Quit [c] Setup (at title screen

       Movement controls
              Cursor keys, number keys or [i][j][k][l][m]

              Movement keys are assigned as follows:

              [Left],[j],[4] Move ship to the left

              [Right],[l],[6] Move ship to the right

              [Up],[i],[8] Move ship forward

              [Down],[k],[m],[5],[2] Move ship backward

       Firing controls
              [Ctrl],[z] Drop a bomb

              [Space],[x] Fire missile


       The novel Fardraut Saga written by Masanobu Endoh (unknown  edition)  -
       if you can find it.

       Noriaki          Ozawa’s          Xevious          Homepage         at:


       No sound support.

       Someone reported  problems  getting  multiple  simultaneous  keypresses

       Please  report  all  bugs  to  the  Debian  Bug  Tracking  System (see:


       Masanobu Endo conceived Xevious (C) 1983 Namco.

       Yuuji Waizumi <> wrote xbat.

       Joost Kooij <> packaged xbat for Debian and wrote  this
       manpage.   Sam  Hocevar  <>  adopted the package and updated
       this manpage.

                                  31 May 2003                          XBAT(6)