Provided by: fsp_2.81.b24-2ubuntu2_i386


        fmkdir - create directories in the FSP database


        fmkdir name ...


        For  each  name appearing in the argument list, fmkdir creates a direc‐
        tory in the client’s current working directory  in  the  FSP  database.
        The new directories are owned by the client machine, and permission for
        other machines to create or delete items in these directories are  ini‐
        tially turned off.  The client may alter the permission states with the
        fprocmd command.


        See fsp_env(7) for list of used environment variables.
        fcatcmd(1), fcdcmd(1), fgetcmd(1), fgrabcmd(1),  flscmd(1),  fmkdir(1),
        fprocmd(1),   fput(1),  frmcmd(1),  frmdircmd(1),  fver(1),  fducmd(1),
        fhostcmd(1), fspd(1), fsp_prof(5), ffindcmd(1), fsp_env(7)