Provided by: fsp_2.81.b24-2ubuntu2_i386


        fput - upload files to the FSP server


        fput [ -p ] filename ...


        When  used  without  arguments,  a  list of file names is read from the
        standard input.  When arguments are given, the arguments are  taken  to
        be  the  list  of  file  names.   For each file named in the list, fput
        copies the file from the client’s  current  working  directory  in  the
        client machine to the FSP database.


        -p -- preserve date/time of original file.


        See fsp_env(7) for list of used environment variables.
        fcatcmd(1),  fcdcmd(1),  fgetcmd(1), fgrabcmd(1), flscmd(1), fmkdir(1),
        fprocmd(1),  fput(1),  frmcmd(1),  frmdircmd(1),  fver(1),   fducmd(1),
        fhostcmd(1), fspd(1), fsp_prof(5), ffindcmd(1), fsp_env(7)