Provided by: hobbit_4.2.0.dfsg-16build1_i386 bug


       hobbit-confreport.cgi - Hobbit Configuration report




       hobbit-confreport.cgi  is  invoked  as  a  CGI  script  via the hobbit- CGI wrapper.

       hobbit-confreport.cgi provides a plain HTML (Web) report of the  Hobbit
       configuration  for  a  group  of  hosts;  which  hosts  are included is
       determined by the hosts available on the webpage  from  where  the  CGI
       script is invoked.

       The  configuration report include the hostnames, a list of the statuses
       monitored for each host, and if applicable any  configuration  settings
       affecting  these.  Alerts  that  may be triggered by status changes are
       also included.

       The report is plain HTML without any  images  included,  and  therefore
       suitable  for  inclusion  into  e-mails  or other documents that may be
       accessed outside the Hobbit system.


              Loads the environment defined in FILENAME before  executing  the
              CGI script.

              Load  environment  variables  for  a specific area. NB: if used,
              this option must appear before any --env=FILENAME option.

              Enables debugging output.


       Client-side configuration done  in  the  hobbit-clients.cfg(5)  is  not
       currently reflected in the report.

       Critical Systems view configuration is not reflected in the report.


       bb-hosts(5), hobbit-alerts.cfg(5), hobbit-clients.cfg(5), hobbit(7)