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       kaffe - a virtual machine to execute Java(tm) bytecode


       kaffe [options] classname [argument...]

       kaffe [options] -jar filename [argument...]

       The  provided  options  are  passed to kaffe virtual machine. Available
       options are described in the section OPTIONS.  The  provided  arguments
       are passed to the main function of the called class.


       kaffe   executes   Java(tm)   bytecode,   either  as  a  pure  bytecode
       interpreter, or  by  doing  "just-in-time"  code  conversion  from  the
       abstract code to the host machine’s native code.

       The  specified  classname  has  to be a fully-qualified classname (e.g. If kaffe is used with the -jar flag, the  class  to
       execute  is  determined  through  the  manifest  file  included  in the
       specified Jar-File filename.

       kaffe searches for needed  classes  during  program  execution  on  the
       bootclasspath  (see -Xbootclasspath options) and the classpath given by
       the user (see the -classpath option).


       The options for the kaffe command  are  divided  into  general  options
       (available   on   all   kaffe   installations),  options  provided  for
       compatibility reasons and further options which are  depending  on  the
       configuration during compilation of kaffe.

       These options are available on all kaffe installations.

       -help  Give  a  short  usage  message  of all available options on your
              kaffe installation.

              Print the version number.

              Same as -version plus compile date and flags, changelog head.

       -ss size
              Set the maximum stack size to size.

       -mx size
              Set the maximum heap size to size. Kilobytes  are  indicated  by
              the letters k or K and megabytes by m or M.

       -ms size
              Set  the  initial  heap size to size. Kilobytes are indicated by
              the letters k or K and megabytes by m or M.

       -as size
              Set the heap increment size to size

       -classpath path
              Set the path which is searched for compiled classes. This can be
              a list of directories and Jar-Files containing compiled classes.
              The entries in this list are separated by colons (:).

       -addclasspath path
              Appends  the  given  path  to  the  current  classpath  setting.
              Multiple instances of this flag may be given.

       -Xbootclasspath: bootclasspath
              Set the bootclasspath to the given path.

       -Xbootclasspath/a: bootclasspath
              Appends the given path to the bootclasspath.

       -Xbootclasspath/p: bootclasspath
              Prepends the given path to the bootclasspath.

              Set a property to a given value.

       -verifyremote *
              Verify  all  classes  not loaded from the bootclasspath. This is
              the default behavior.

       -verify *
              Verify all classes.

              Do not verify any classes.

              Disable class garbage collection.

              Print message during garbage collection.

       -v, -verbose
              Enable verbose output.

              Print detailed memory allocation statistics.

              Print message during JIT code generation.

              Print detailed call flow information.

              Disable deadlock detection.

       -debug *
              Trace method calls.

       -noasyncgc *
              Do not garbage collect asynchronously.

       -cs, -checksource *
              Check source against class files.

       -oss * size
              Maximum stack size.

       -debug-fd descriptor
              Descriptor to send debug info to.

       -jar file
              Executes a Java(tm) program  which  is  provided  by  the  given
              Jar-File file.

       * Option currently ignored.

       These  options  are  provided  for  compatibility  reasons  with  other
       Java(tm) runtime environments.

       -Xss size
              Maximum native stack size (see -ss).

       -Xmx size
              Maximum heap size (see -mx).

       -Xms size
              Initial heap size (see -ms).

       -cp path
              Set classpath (see -classpath).

       Further options may be available based on the  configuration  of  kaffe
       during compilation. To get a complete list of options available in your
       kaffe installation type kaffe --help on the commandline.

       -ia32  Execute the ia32 version of Kaffe.

       -prof  Enable profiling of methods.

              Enable cross language profiling.

       -Xxprof_syms file
              Name    of    the    profiling    symbols     file     [Default:

       -Xxprof_gmon file
              Base name for gmon files [Default: xgmon.out]

       -Xxdebug_file file
              Name of the debugging symbols file.

              The file name to write feedback data to.

       -vmstats flag{,flag}
              Print VM statistics. Set flag=all for all

              Use GMP for faster, native bignum calculations.

       -vmdebug flag{,flag}
              Enable VM debugging. Set flag=list for a list.

              Use Kaffe’s Xlib AWT backend.

              Use Kaffe’s Qt2/3/Embedded AWT backend.

              Use Kaffe’s Nano-X AWT backend.


              A  colon-separated list of directories and Jar-Files in which to
              search for .class files. The entries have  to  be  separated  by
              colons (:).

              Base directory of kaffe installation.

              A  colon-separated  list  of  directories in which to search for
              libraries. See for details. This needs  to  be  set  if
              Kaffe’s shared libraries are installed in a location not part of
              the dynamic loader’s default search path.


              System-wide shell script read by kaffe script (optional).

              Per-user shell script read by kaffe script (optional).


       Not documented yet.


       Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

       Kaffe  is  available  from  various  sites,  the  primary   one   being

       There are several mailing lists for Kaffe:
              General Kaffe discussions
              Kaffe related announcements


       See the file FAQ.Known-Bugs for an updated list.


       Kaffe  was  originally  written  by  Tim  Wilkinson,  1996. Many others
       contributed to the  Kaffe  project.  They  are  listed  in  the  source
       distribution’s AUTHORS file.


       Kaffe  is distributed under the GNU GPL. For full details, see the file
       license.terms in the source distribution for full details.

       The  included  DOM  bindings  are  published  under  the  W3C  Software
       Copyright   Notice   and  License.  For  full  details,  see  the  file
       license-w3c.terms in the source distribution for full details.


       jikes, a fast Java(tm) compiler

       gjdoc, the GNU javadoc tool