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       pbuilder-user-mode-linux - personal package builder in UML


       pbuilder-user-mode-linux create [options]

       pbuilder-user-mode-linux update [options]

       pbuilder-user-mode-linux build [options] .dsc-file

       pbuilder-user-mode-linux execute [options] script

       pbuilder-user-mode-linux login [options]


       Front  end program to the pbuilder suite of programs, used for creating
       and maintaining user-mode-linux environment and building Debian package
       within the user-mode-linux virtual machine environment.

       Unlike  pbuilder  ,  pbuilder-user-mode-linux  does  not  require  root
       privilege to run.  It should be ran under a normal user.


       create Creates  a  user-mode-linux  root  image   for   the   specified
              distribution using rootstrap software

       update Updates   the  user-mode-linux  root  image  for  the  specified
              distribution.  Also, by specifying the --distribution option, it
              is  possible  to  switch  the  distribution.   Specify  a  dummy
              distribution value even for custom apt config files.

       build  Builds the package specified by .dsc-file within the  user-mode-
              linux environment.

       login  Invokes shell within UML.

              dumps  configuration information about user-mode-linux, used for

              Invokes a command or script inside UML.  execute will  copy  the
              specified file into the UML system, and run it.

              The  remaining  command-line  arguments  are  passed  on  to the

       --uml-image [UML image]
              Specify the UML image to use.

       --eth0 [uml option for eth0]
              Specify this option as parameter to UML.

              Specify --eth0=slirp,12345,/usr/bin/slirp-fullbolt  to  use  the
              slirp connection.

       --uml-ip [IP inside UML]
              Specify this to set the IP inside UML.

              This can be set to dhcp for obtaining IP address through DHCP.

       --uml-netmask [netmask]
              The netmask.

       --uml-network [network]
              The network address.

       --uml-broadcast [broadcast]
              The broadcast address.

       --uml-gateway [gateway]
              The gateway address.

       --mount-tmpfs [yes]
              Specify whether to mount tmpfs inside UML chroot.

       --uml-hostname [uml-host]
              The hostname inside uml.

       --distribution [sid]
              Specify the distribution.  see pbuilder(8)

              Specify only to build binary-arch targets.  see pbuilder(8)

       --timeout timeouttime
              Timeout build after specified time.  see pbuilder(8)

       --configfile config file to read
              Makes  pbuilder  to  read the config file inside UML.  pbuilder-
              user-mode-linux itself would be affected by the contents of  the
              config file.

       --hookdir location of hooks
              Makes pbuilder use the specified hookdir inside UML.

       --aptconfdir apt configuretion directory
              Makes  pbuilder  to  use  specified  apt configuration directory
              instead of other settings. See pbuilder(8)

              Specify  this  option  along  with  --distribution   to   switch
              distribution using pbuilder-user-mode-linux update

       --logfile logfilename
              Specify this option to make the output go to logfilename as well
              as standard output.

       --buildresult /dir/to/build/result
              The directory where build result is placed to

              Enable     tracing     of     shell     scripts     used      by

       --bindmounts /dir/to/bind-mount
              Bind-mount the directory inside the chroot inside the user-mode-

       --buildplace place-to-put-COW-file
              Specify the directory to place the COW file.  The user needs  to
              be  able to access that directory, and the directory must exist.

              Do not use COW filesystem  when  using  pbuilder-user-mode-linux
              login so that changes made in the log in session will persist.

              Effective in login and exec options.

       --mirror [mirror location]
              Specifies   the   URL  of  Debian  mirror  to  be  specified  in
              sources.list inside the chroot.  This option is only valid  when
              distribution  is  being specified, for update and build targets.
              The format is something  like:
              which should point to your favourite mirror.

              This  option can optionally be omitted, and left blank, in which
              case, this part is skipped.

              Note that these URLs specified to pbuilder  will  be  used  from
              within  the  chroot,  and  specifying file:/somewhere/ will most
              probably fail.

       --othermirror [deb http://xxx/xxx/ ./ | other deb lines... ]
              The lines which is added to the sources.list, delimited  with  |
              Like      deb      http://local/mirror      stable      main|deb
              file:/usr/local/mirror ./

              The deb lines here are the ones that will appear at the  top  of
              the  sources.list  inside  the  chroot.   Be  sure to follow the
              syntax rules of sources.list(5).   These  lines  appear  at  the
              beginning  of the constructed sources file, so this is the place
              to list your local mirror sites;  apt  will  then  use  them  in
              preference to the ones listed in --mirror .

              These  options  are  only valid when --override-config option is
              specified in update target, or when  pbuilder  create  is  being


       For  build  and login targets, pbuilder-user-mode-linux will try to use
       COW devices.

       Inside user-mode-linux, pbuilder-user-mode-linux will  mount  tmpfs  as
       /tmp to avoid temporary file race conditions with outside of UML.  This
       may cause problems trying to use files in /tmp directory.


              The system-wide configuration file for pbuilder.

              The default settings for pbuilder,  used  as  fallback  for  all
              values that is not specified in /etc/pbuilderrc.

              System-wide  configuration  file  for pbuilder-uml, it will take
              priority over pbuilder configurations.

              Software-default configuration file for pbuilder-uml.

              User-default configuration file.


       /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/pbuilder-doc.html,  pdebuild(1),   pbuilder(8),
       rootstrap(1), linux(1), pbuilderrc(5), pbuilder-uml.conf(5)