Provided by: xtradius_1.2.1-beta2-6_i386 bug


       radclient -- send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply


       radclient   [-d   raddb_directory]  [-f  file]  [-i  source_ip]  server
       acct|auth secret


       Radclient is a radius client program.  It  can  send  arbitrary  radius
       packets  to  a  radius  server, then shows the reply. It can be used to
       test changes you mande in the configuration of the radius server, or it
       can be used to monitor if a radius server is up.

       Radclient reads radius attribute/value pairs from it standard input, or
       from a file specified on  the  command  line.  It  then  encodes  these
       attribute/value  pairs  using  the  dictionary,  and  sends them to the
       remote server.

       The Password attribute is automatically encrypted by radclient.


       -d raddb_directory
              The  directory  that  contains  the  RADIUS  dictionary   files.
              Defaults to /etc/raddb.

       -f file
              File  to  read  the  attribute/value  pairs from. If this is not
              specified, they are read from stdin.

       -i source_ip
              The source IP address to use for sending radius packets.

              The hostname or IP address of the remote  server.  Optionally  a
              UDP  port  can  be specified. If no UDP port is specified, it is
              looked up in /etc/services.  The  service  name  looked  for  is
              radacct  for  accounting  packets,  and  radius  for  all  other
              requests. If a service is not found in /etc/services,  1646  and
              1645 are used respectively.

              Use  auth  to  send an authentication packet, or acct to send an
              accounting packet. Instead of auth or acct, you can also  use  a
              decimal code here. For example, code 12 is Status-Server.

       secret The  shared  secret  for this client. Needs to be defined on the
              radius server side too, for the IP address you are  sending  the
              radius packets from.


       A  sample session that queries the remote server for Status-Server (not
       all servers support this, but Cistron Radius does since version 1.6.5):

              $ echo "User-Name = fnord" | radclient 12 s3cr3t
              Sending request to server, port 1645.
              radrecv: Packet from host code=2, id=140, length=54
                  Reply-Message = "Cistron Radius up 21 days, 02:05"


       radiusd(8), radtest(1).


       Miquel van Smoorenburg,

                               24 Februari 2001                   RADCLIENT(1)