Provided by: wmi-client_0.1.13-1_i386 bug


        winexe - Windows Remote Execution Service


        winexe     [-?|--help]     [--usage]    [-d|--debuglevel    DEBUGLEVEL]
        [--debug-stderr]  [-s|--configfile  CONFIGFILE]   [--option=name=value]
        [-l|--log-basename  LOGFILEBASE]  [--leak-report]  [--leak-report-full]
        [-R|--name-resolve NAME-RESOLVE-ORDER]  [-O|--socket-options  SOCKETOP‐
        TIONS]   [-n|--netbiosname   NETBIOSNAME]   [-W|--workgroup  WORKGROUP]
        [--realm=REALM]  [-i|--scope  SCOPE]   [-m|--maxprotocol   MAXPROTOCOL]
        [-U|--user    [DOMAIN]USERNAME[%PASSWORD]]    [-N|--no-pass]   [--pass‐
        word=STRING]     [-A|--authentication-file     FILE]      [-S|--signing
        on|off|required]      [-P|--machine-pass]     [--simple-bind-dn=STRING]
        [-k|--kerberos  STRING]  [--use-security-mechanisms=STRING]  [-V|--ver‐
        sion]  [--uninstall]  [--reinstall]  [--system]  [--runas=[DOMAIN]USER‐
        NAME%PASSWORD] [--interactive=INT] //host command


               Uninstall winexe service after remote execution
               Reinstall winexe service before remote execution
               Use SYSTEM account
               Run as user (BEWARE: password is sent in cleartext over net)
               Desktop interaction: 0 - disallow, 1 - allow. If you  allow  use
               also  --system  switch  (Win  requirement). Vista do not support
               this option.
    Help options:
        -?, --help
               Show this help message
               Display brief usage message
    Common samba options:
        -d, --debuglevel=DEBUGLEVEL
               Set debug level
               Send debug output to STDERR
        -s, --configfile=CONFIGFILE
               Use alternative configuration file
               Set smb.conf option from command line
        -l, --log-basename=LOGFILEBASE
               Basename for log/debug files
               enable talloc leak reporting on exit
               enable full talloc leak reporting on exit
    Connection options:
        -R, --name-resolve=NAME-RESOLVE-ORDER
               Use these name resolution services only
        -O, --socket-options=SOCKETOPTIONS
               socket options to use
        -n, --netbiosname=NETBIOSNAME
               Primary netbios name
        -W, --workgroup=WORKGROUP
               Set the workgroup name
               Set the realm name
        -i, --scope=SCOPE
               Use this Netbios scope
        -m, --maxprotocol=MAXPROTOCOL
               Set max protocol level
    Authentication options:
        -U, --user=[DOMAIN\]USERNAME[%PASSWORD]
               Set the network username
        -N, --no-pass
               Don’t ask for a password
        -A, --authentication-file=FILE
               Get the credentials from a file
        -S, --signing=on|off|required
               Set the client signing state
        -P, --machine-pass
               Use stored machine account password (implies -k)
               DN to use for a simple bind
        -k, --kerberos=STRING
               Use Kerberos
               Restricted list of authentication mechanisms available  for  use
               with this authentication
    Common samba options:
        -V, --version
               Print version


        This manual page was written by Bernd Zeimetz <> for the
        Debian project (but may be used by others).