Provided by: xkbsel_0.13-13.3ubuntu3_i386 bug


       xkbsel-aw - select keyboard layout using a Xaw GUI


       xkbsel-aw [OPTION]


       xkbsel-aw  is  a  simple GUI for selecting the keyboards and indicating
       the current selection. It displays a window where the current selection
       is  indicated.   When clicking on this window, a menu of the configured
       map shortcuts together with  the  descriptions  pops  up,  allowing  to
       select one of them.  installs the first configured map when started.


       xkbsel-aw  has no own options, but it accepts common Xt options such as
       -display, -geometry, -bg or -fg. As the map descriptions  are  normally
       written  in  local  language,  xkbsel-aw  is using font sets instead of
       fonts to allow automatic encoding selection based  on  current  locale.
       That means that -fn will not work. Use fontSet for this purpose, either
       on the command line using e.g.
       -xrm ’*fontSet: -*-courier-medium-r-*-*-*-100-*-*-m-*-*-*’
       or use application default file.


   Fvwm2 configuration
       Following lines added to .fvwm2rc will automatically start the selector
       on login:

              Style "xkbsel-aw" NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip

              AddToFunc "InitFunction" "I" ...
              [...original stuff...]
              + "I" Exec exec xkbsel-aw -geometry 48x24-0-0 &

       If  you are using FvwmWharf or FvwmButtons modules, instead of starting
       and explicitly positioning xkbsel-aw in InitFunction you can  dock  the
       application  into  them  using  the  Swallow  directory, e.g. by adding
       following line into your FvwmButtons configuration in .fvwm2rc  (should
       be written on single line):

              *FvwmButtons(Swallow (NoHints) "xkbsel-aw"
                ’Exec xkbsel-aw -geometry 48x24’)

       To  switch  the keyboards on ctrl-F1, -F2 etc., add something like this
       into your .fvwm2rc:

              Key F1 A C Exec exec xkbsel us
              Key F2 A C Exec exec xkbsel sk
              Key F3 A C Exec exec xkbsel cs


              system configuration file

              user´s configuration file


       xkbseldb(1), xkbsel(1), xkbsel(5)


       Stanislav Meduna <>