Provided by: xkbsel_0.13-13.3ubuntu3_i386 bug


       xkbseldb - maintain xkbsel databases


       xkbseldb [-rRmMlLc] [-b] [-x] [-v] [--debug]
       xkbseldb {--help,--version}


       The xkbsel package stores its keymap definitions in the system and user
       directory hierarchies and provides an access to them  based  on  system
       and  user  configuration files.  As this is a lot of scattered data and
       the mapping selection process  should  be  fast,  the  definitions  are
       hashed  and  the  mappings  mentioned  in  the  configuration files are
       precompiled into a quick readable internal form.

       xkbseldb is used to maintain this internal data. The available  options

       -R, --rebuild-system
              rebuild the system database

       -r, --rebuild-user
              rebuild the user´s database

       -M, --missing-system
              output  a  template covering missing xkbsel metadata for X11 and
              system mappings

       -m, --missing-user
              output a template covering missing user metadata

       -L, --list-system
              list the content of the system database

       -l, --list-user
              list the content of the databases from the user´s point of view

       -b, --brief
              when listing content, output map names only

       -x, --explicit
              when listing content, leave out maps that are taken from the X11
              distribution without modification

       -c, --check
              output the current configuration

       -v, --verbose
              be verbose

              be very verbose

       --help output brief usage instructions

              output the version of the program

       You  must  rebuild  the  system database every time you add or delete a
       keyboard mapping included in the X11 or package´s  system  directories,
       when  you  change  a metadata describing the mapping (see xkbsel(5) for
       the formats) or when you change the content of the XKB definitions such
       that  the  resulting  mapping  is different.  It is strongly advised to
       rebuild the database when you add new  shortcut  definitions  into  the
       system   configuration   file  so  that  the  system  precompiles  them
       (otherwise they will be compiled at each user who selects them).

       The situation for the user databases is similar - if the user´s  xkbsel
       directory  is  nonempty, a rebuild is needed after each change of these
       data. To put it shortly: if in doubt, do the rebuilds.

       The --missing-system and --missing-user  options  are  for  the  people
       willing  to  define the maps themselves. The output should be filled in
       and installed as a redefinition file. Don´t mess with this if you  only
       want to use the package.

       Using  --check  and  --list-user  --brief  can  often help in debugging
       configuration issues.


              XKB hierarchy of the X11 distribution

              system data directory

              system configuration file

              system directory for the hash database and precompiled keymaps

              user data directory

              user´s configuration file


       xkbsel(1), xkbsel-aw(1), xkbsel(5)


       Should automagically determine when the user database needs a  rebuild.


       Stanislav Meduna <>