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        pthread_detach - put a running thread in the detached state


        #include <pthread.h>
        int pthread_detach(pthread_t th);


        pthread_detach put the thread th in the detached state. This guarantees
        that the memory resources consumed by th will be freed immediately when
        th  terminates. However, this prevents other threads from synchronizing
        on the termination of th using pthread_join.
        A thread can be created initially in  the  detached  state,  using  the
        detachstate    attribute    to    pthread_create(3).     In   contrast,
        pthread_detach applies to threads created in the  joinable  state,  and
        which need to be put in the detached state later.
        After   pthread_detach   completes,   subsequent  attempts  to  perform
        pthread_join on th will fail. If another thread is already joining  the
        thread  th  at  the  time pthread_detach is called, pthread_detach does
        nothing and leaves th in the joinable state.
        On success, 0 is returned. On error, a non-zero error code is returned.


        ESRCH  No thread could be found corresponding to that specified by th
        EINVAL the thread th is already in the detached state


        Xavier Leroy <>
        pthread_create(3), pthread_join(3), pthread_attr_setdetachstate(3)
                                  LinuxThreads                PTHREAD_DETACH(3)