Provided by: inn2-lfs_2.4.5-5_i386 bug


       active.times - List of local creation times of newsgroups


       The file pathdb/active.times provides a chronological record of when
       newsgruops were created on the local server.  This file is normally
       updated by innd whenever a newgroup control message is processed or a
       "ctlinnd newgroup" command is issued, and is used by nnrpd to answer
       NEWGROUPS requests.

       Each line consists of three fields:

           <name> <time> <creator>

       The first field is the name of the newsgroup.  The second field is the
       time it was created, expressed as the number of seconds since the
       epoch.  The third field is the e-mail addrses of the person who created
       the group, as specified in the control message or on the ctlinnd
       command line, or the newsmaster specified at configure time if no
       creator argument was given to ctlinnd.


       Written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews.  Converted
       to POD by Russ Allbery <>

       $Id: active.times.5 7880 2008-06-16 20:37:13Z iulius $


       active(5), ctlinnd(8), inn.conf(5), innd(8), nnrpd(8)