Provided by: debomatic_0.6-1_all bug


       debomatic.conf - Configuration file for debomatic


       packagedir:  this  directory is the base directory where debomatic will
       scan for packages to build. It must exists before  launching  debomatic
       or an exception will be raised.

       configdir: this directory contains pbuilder configuration files used to
       pass build options to pbuilder. They  must  contain  pbuilder  specific
       parameters  (see  pbuilderrc(5)  for further reference) and their names
       must match target releases (such as intrepid or unstable).

       maxbuilds: maximum number of parallel build  threads  to  be  launched.
       More threads will require powerful hardware.

       inotify:  if  enabled,  new  threads  will be launched immediately when
       .changes files are put in packagedir.

       sleep: debomatic will build another source package  when  a  number  of
       seconds provided by this parameter have elapsed.

       logfile: debomatic messages will be stored in this file


       gpg:  if  enabled,  turn  GPG  support  on to check for signed packages
       before attempting to build them.

       keyring: this file  contains  authorized  GPG  keys.   Source  packages
       signed  with  one  of  the  keys  included  are allowed to build, other
       packages will be deleted from disk.


       modules: if  enabled,  allow  modules  to  be  plugged  in  at  runtime
       extending Deb-o-Matic features.

       modulespath:  this  directory  contains  modules  to  be  plugged in at
       runtime when running Deb-o-Matic.


       debomatic(1), pbuilderrc(5)

                                  2009-01-26                 debomatic.conf(5)