Provided by: fsp_2.81.b24-2ubuntu2_i386


        fspsites - list of available FSP sites


        The  .fspsites  file  contains lists of sites running fsp daemon.  This
        file resides in the user’s current or home  directory  on  the  machine
        initiating  the  file transfer. A system wide default file will be also
        This file is read by fsetup(1) utility. This file is easier to use than
        The  file  has simple format. One entry per line.  Each entry starts on
        new line with hostname or IP address  followed  by  port  number.  Next
        field  is  alias  for  the  site.  File can contains comments. Comments
        starts with # character and ends on the end of line.

EXAMPLE 2221 wrack #nice fsp site


        This format was very commonly used for exchanging lists  of  FSP  sites
        and it is de facto standard format.


        fcatcmd(1),  fcdcmd(1),  fgetcmd(1), fgrabcmd(1), flscmd(1), fmkdir(1),
        fprocmd(1),  fput(1),  frmcmd(1),  frmdircmd(1),  fver(1),   fducmd(1),
        fsethostcmd(1),    fspd(1),   fsp_prof(5),   ffindcmd(1),   fsp_env(7),
                                    Jan 2005                        FSPSITES(5)