Provided by: juice_0.03p+nmu2_i386 bug


        juice.conf - juice(1) configuration file


        The  juice.conf  file is the main configuration file for juice(1) which
        is a playlist editor / frontend for mpg123 and other players.
        Every variable consists of two fields, an identifier field and a  value
        field. These two fields are seperated by one or more spaces or tabs and
        an equal sign. There are three types of values: strings,  boolean  val‐
        ues,  and  integers.  Strings  must be quoted (i.e. surrounded by "’s).
        Boolean values can be either True or False.
        Lines starting with a hash mark (‘‘#’’) and empty lines are ignored.
        You shouldn’t edit the configuration file manually either since all the
        options can be changed within juice anyway.
        If  you  do  decide to edit this file manually though, please ntoe that
        the program will automatically replace this file  with  one  containing
        all  the  default  settings if this one is corrupt. This means that all
        your nice comments will be gone if you don’t spell  the  variable  name
        correctly or forget the hash before the comment, etc.


        Here  is  an  example  taken from Juice 0.03c. In general you shouldn’t
        need to ask questions about the configuration file, because the config‐
        uration file is well commented by default.
        Global settings
               audiopath = "/"
        Default search path for audio files
               playlistpath = "/"
        Default search path for playlist files
               confirmdialogs = False
        Enable/disable  confirmation dialogs.  True enable confirmation dialogs
        and False disable them.
               playlisttype = "*.[Jj][Pp][Ll]"
        Wildcard for playlist files. Valid wildcards are "*?[]" each  with  the
        normal shell-like meaning.
               fadingtime = 50
        Time  to  fade in/out in milliseconds. This option is currently ignored
        due to some mixer-related problems.
               mpg123frontend = True
        Flag that determines whether a generic player should be used or  rather
        the mpg123-only frontend.  True enables the mpg123-only frontend, False
        enables the Generic player frontend. Please note that the generic fron‐
        tend is quite buggy at the moment and should not be used.
               intersessionmemory = True
        Enable/disable intersession memory.  True = Enable, False = Disable.
               helpdialogs = True
        Enable/disable  help  dialogs.  I don’t know why you’d want to do this,
        but a friend of mine keeps insisting (: True = Enable False =  Disable.
               displaymode = 3
        Set  the  mode  in  which  tracks  will  be displayed in the browse and
        playlist dialogs. A value of 0 indicates that no  information  will  be
        displayed,  1  will  cause  juice  to use descript.ion(5) as a means of
        describing tracks, 2 will cause juice to use ID3 tags instead. If  dis‐
        playmode  is set to 3, descript.ion files will be scanned first and ID3
        tags used as an alternative; 4 is just the opposite.
               displayformat = 1
        Set the format in which tracks will be  displayed  in  the  browse  and
        playlist  dialogs.  0  shows  tracks  as "Title - Artist (Album)", 1 as
        "Title - Artist", 2 as "Title (Album)" and 3 shows only the title.
               shortenmethod = 0
        This is the method that will be used to shorten the shown filenames  in
        the  dialogs.  0 will split the files in the middle, shorten each halve
        and insert a tilde (‘‘~’’) in the middle.  1  will  just  truncate  the
        track name.
        Generic player settings
               playername = "mpg123 -v -b 512"
        Command-line used when the generic player frontend is used.
               audiotype = "*.[Mm][Pp]3"
        Wildcard used to identify audio files. Valid wildcards are "*?[]"
        MPG123 settings
               mpg123name = "mpg123 -b 512 -R -"
        Command-line used when the mpg123-only player mode is selected.
        Mixer settings
               volume = 39
        Main volume (0-44)
               bass = 37
        Bass (0-44)
               treble = 37
        Treble (0-44)
               synth = 37
        Synthesizer (0-44)
               pcm = 37
        Digital audio (0-44)
               ogain = 0
        Output gain (0-44)
               balance = 0
        Left/right channel balance (-22 to +22)
        juice(1), descript.ion(5), mpg123(1)


        Written by Abraham vd Merwe <>