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        keyboard - how to type characters


        Keyboards are idiosyncratic.  It should be obvious how to type ordinary
        ASCII characters, backspace, tab, escape, and newline.  In general, the
        key  labeled  Return or Enter generates a newline (0x0A); if there is a
        key labeled Line Feed, it generates a carriage return (0x0D); CRLFs are
        not  used.   All control characters are typed in the usual way; in par‐
        ticular, control-J is a line feed and control-M a carriage return.
        The delete character (0x7F) is usually generated by a key labeled  Del,
        Delete, or Int.
        The  view  character  (0x80),  sam(1),  and 9term(1), causes windows to
        scroll forward; the  back-view  character  (0x81),  causes  windows  to
        scroll  backward.  The view character is generated by the ← and ↓ keys;
        the back-view character is generated by the → and ⇑ keys.
        Internally, characters are represented as  runes  (see  utf(5g)).   Any
        16-bit  rune  can  be typed as a multi-character sequence.  The compose
        key must be pressed while the first character of the sequence is typed;
        on  most terminals, the compose key is labeled Alt.  While pressing the
        compose key, type a capital and  exactly  four  hexadecimal  characters
        (digits  and  to  to  enter  the rune with the value represented by the
        typed number.  There are two-character shorthands for some  characters.
        The compose key must be pressed while typing the first character of the
        pair.  The following sequences generate the desired rune:
                         !!          ¢         c$                    l$                    g$
                         y$          ||        §           SS                    ""
               ©         cO          «         sa                    <<          ¬         no
               [0xad]    --          ®         rO                    __          °         de
               ±         +-                    s2                    s3          ´         ’’
               [0xb5]    mi          ⊥         pg                    ..                    ,,
                         s1                    s0                    >>          ¼         14
               ½         12          ¾         34                    ??          À         ‘A
               Á         ’A          Â         ^A          Ã         ~A                    "A
               Å         oA          Æ         AE          Ç         ,C          È         ‘E
               É         ’E          Ê         ^E                    "E          Ì         ‘I
               Í         ’I          Î         ^I                    "I                    D-
               Ñ         ~N          Ò         ‘O          Ó         ’O          Ô         ^O
               Õ         ~O                    "O          ×         mu                    /O
               Ù         ‘U          Ú         ’U          Û         ^U                    "U
               Ý         ’Y                    |P          ß         ss          à         ‘a
               á         ’a          â         ^a          ã         ~a                    "a
               å         oa          æ         ae          ç         ,c          è         ‘e
               é         ’e          ê         ^e                    "e          í         ‘i
               í         ’i          î         ^i                    "i                    d-
               ñ         ~n          ò         ‘o          ó         ’o          ô         ^o
               õ         ~o                    "o          ÷         -:                    /o
               ù         ‘u          ú         ’u          û         ^u                    "u
               ý         ’y                    |p                    "y          α         *a
               β         *b          γ         *g          δ         *d          ε         *e
               ζ         *z          η         *y          θ         *h          ι         *i
               κ         *k          λ         *l          μ         *m          ν         *n
               ξ         *c          ο         *o          π         *p          ρ         *r
               ς         ts          σ         *s          τ         *t          υ         *u
               φ         *f          χ         *x          ψ         *q          ω         *w
               Α         *A          Β         *B          Γ         *G          Δ         *D
               Ε         *E          Ζ         *Z          Η         *Y          Θ         *H
               Ι         *I          Κ         *K          Λ         *L          Μ         *M
               Ν         *N          Ξ         *C          Ο         *O          Π         *P
               Ρ         *R          Σ         *S          Τ         *T          Υ         *U
               Φ         *F          Χ         *X          Ψ         *Q          Ω         *W
               ←         <-          ⇑         ua          →         ->          ↓         da
               ↔         ab          ∀         fa          ∃         te          ∂         pd
               ∅         es          [0x2206]  De          ∇         gr                    !m
               [0x220d]  st          ∗         **          ·         bu          √         sr
               ∝         pt          ∞         if                    an          ─         l&
                         l|          ∩         ca          ∪         cu          ∫         is
               ∴         tf          [0x2243]  ~=          ≈         cg          [0x2248]  ~~
               ≠         !=          ≡         ==          ≤         <=          ≥         >=
               ⊂         sb          ⊃         sp                    !b          ⊆         ib
               ⊇         ip                    O+          [0x2296]  O-                    Ox
               [0x22a2]  tu          [0x22a8]  Tu          [0x22c4]  lz                    el
        Note  the difference between ß (ss) and [0xb5] (micron) and the Greek β
        and μ.  As well, white and black chess pieces may be escaped using  the
        sequence  color  (w or b) followed by piece (k for king, q for queen, r
        for rook, n for knight, b for bishop, or p for pawn).
        ascii(7), sam(1), 9term(1), graphics(3g), utf(5g)