Provided by: sfs-server_0.8-0+pre20060720.1-1.1_i386


        sfs_srp_params - default parameters for SRP protocol


        Specifies a ‘‘strong prime’’ and a generator for use in the SRP proto‐
        col.  SFS ships with a particular set of parameters because generating
        new ones can take a considerable amount of CPU time.  You can replace
        these parameters with randomly generated ones using the sfskey srpgen
        -b bits command.
        Note that SRP parameters can afford to be slightly shorter than Rabin
        public keys, both because SRP is based on discrete logs rather than
        factoring, and because SRP is used for authentication, not secrecy.
        The format of the file is a single line of the form:
        Modulus is a prime number, represented in hexadecimal, which must sat‐
        isfy the property that (Modulus-1)/2 is also prime.  Generator is an
        element of the multiplicative group of integers modulo Modulus such
        that Generator has order (Modulus-1)/2.


            default parameters for SRP protocol
        (Files in /etc/sfs supersede default versions in /usr/local/share/sfs.)
        dirsearch(1), newaid(1), rex(1), sfsagent(1), sfskey(1), ssu(1),
        sfs_config(5), sfs_hosts(5), sfs_users(5), sfsauthd_config(5),
        sfscd_config(5), sfsrosd_config(5), sfsrwsd_config(5), sfssd_config(5),
        sfs_environ(7), funmount(8), nfsmounter(8), sfsauthd(8), sfscd(8), sfs‐
        rosd(8), sfsrwcd(8), sfsrwsd(8), sfssd(8), vidb(8)
        The full documentation for SFS is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
        the info and SFS programs are properly installed at your site, the com‐
        mand info SFS should give you access to the complete manual.
        For updates, documentation, and software distribution, please see the
        SFS website at