Provided by: zorp_3.0.8-0.5_i386 bug


       vbuster.options - Configuration file for vbupgrade


       vbupgrade   uses   the  /etc/zorp/vbuster.options  file  to  read  it’s
       configuration from. vbupgrade was intended to run regularly as  a  cron


       HRS  - the hours when vbupgrade will run. Example: HRS="5 11 17 23". If
       you leave HRS blank, then vbupgrade will run  every  time  when  it  is

       ADMINEMAIL  -  The  e-mail address(es) of the administrator(s). You can
       leave this field blank to suppress the sending of the e-mail.

       VERBOSE - The verbosity level of the program. 0: don’t log anything; 1:
       log only error messages; 2: log the successful  upgrades  too;  3:  log
       progress indicator messages; 4: log all messages (can be huge!)

       DOENGINEUPGRADE - When set to 1, then the engine package (libvbengine4)
       will be upgraded too.

       SYSLOG  -  When  set to 1, vbupgrade will log through syslog (otherwise
       vbupgrade logs into the /var/log/vbupgrade.log file)

       FTPOVERHTTPPROXY  -  You  are  to use a proxy, if you don’t have direct
       access to the internet. You can configure apt to use an HTTP or an  FTP
       proxy,  however,  apt  doesn’t  support natively the use of an FTP over
       HTTP proxy. You can specify an FTP over  HTTP  proxy  to  use  for  the
       VirusBuster   database   and   engine   upgrade   with  the  following:
       FTPOVERHTTPPROXY="http://proxyhost:proxyport/".  If  your  proxy  needs
       authentication,   specify   the   username   and   the   password  too:

       SUBJPREFIX  -  An  optional prefix which will be written to the subject
       line of the e-mail message sent  by  the  program.  If  you  are  using
       vbupgrade   on  multiple  hosts  then  you  can  use  this  setting  to
       differentiate between the hosts. The recommended value is the  hostname
       of the host vbupgrade is running on.





                                  2004-12-09                vbuster.options(5)