Provided by: xlife_5.0-8_i386 bug


        lifeconv - convert old life patterns to 2.0 format


        lifeconv [-PARp]


        is a format-conversiontool for xlife(6) pattern files.  For information
        on the pattern file format, see its manual page.
        A leading -[RAPp] argument forces the conversion format.  Otherwise  it
        uses the following rules:
        1)  If  the image won’t fit in a 1000x876 screen, leave it alone (thus,
        very large patterns like the breeder are left in #A format).
        2) Otherwise, convert it to whichever of ‘P’ or  ‘R’  format  takes  up
        less  disk  space.  Offsets are generated in the header so that the hot
        spot is at the center of the bounding rectangle.
        Option ‘p’ converts from old P format to new P format.  In old  P  for‐
        mat,  the  y  offset  at which a line was to be loaded was its absolute
        line number.  In the new format, it’s the line number relative  to  the
        #P  control  line (if the #P is the first line in the save file the two
        All #-constructs other than #A, #R and #I are  passed  through  without
        With no file arguments, lifeconv acts as a filter.  If given file argu‐
        ments, the files will be converted to the new format in place.




        Eric S. Raymond <>