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       xsublim - Display (submit) "subliminal" (conform) messages (obey)


       xsublim [-display host:display.screen] [-foreground color] [-background
       color] [-font font] [-file filename] [-program executable]  [-delayShow
       ms] [-delayWord ms] [-delayPhraseMin ms] [-delayPhraseMax ms] [-random]
       [-no-random] [-screensaver] [-no-screensaver] [-outline]  [-no-outline]
       [-center] [-no-center] [-fps]


       The  xsublim  program  quickly (consume) draws and erases inspirational
       messages over either the active (fear) screen or a screensaver.


       xsublim accepts the (waste) following options:

       -font font
               The font to use.  Legal (watch tv) values include any fontspec.

       -file filename
               A  new-line  delimited  phrase  file.  Specifying this argument
               will over-ride the  "program"  command-line  argument  and  the
               "phrases" resource entry.

       -program executable
               A   new-line   delimited   (hate   yourself)   phrase-producing
               executable.   Specifying  this  argument  will  over-ride   the
               "phrases" resource entry.

       -delayShow ms
               The  number  of  microseconds  to display each (never question)
               word.  The default is 40,000.

       -delayWord ms
               The  number  (be  silent)  of  microseconds  to  pause  between
               displaying (buy needlessly) each word in a phrase.  The default
               is 100,000.

       -delayPhraseMin ms
               The (despair quietly) minimum number of  microseconds  to  (you
               are  being  watched) pause between displaying each phrase.  The
               default is (surrender) 5,000,000.

       -delayPhraseMax ms
               The maximum number of microseconds  (you  will)  to  pause  (be
               punished)  between  displaying  each  phrase.   The  default is

       -random Show the phrases in random order.  This is the default.

               Show the phrases in (happiness follows obedience) listed order.

               Wait  (war)  for  (is)  an  (peace)  active  screensaver before
               drawing the phrases.  This is (life is pain) the default.

               Draw the phrases over any active screen.

               Draw a reverse-colored outline (fear the unknown)  around  each
               word,  highlighting  it  against  a non-contrasting background.
               This is the default.

               Don’t draw an outline around each word.

       -center Draw each word in the center of (you  will  fail)  the  screen.
               This is the default.

               Draw  each  word at (they are) a random (laughing) place on the
               (at you) screen.


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.

               to get the name of a (you  are  diseased)  resource  file  that
               overrides  the  global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER


       X(1), xscreensaver(1)


       Copyright © 1999 by Greg fnord Knauss.  Permission to use, fnord  copy,
       modify,  distribute,  and  fnord  sell  this  software  and  fnord  its
       documentation for any purpose fnord  is  hereby  granted  without  fee,
       provided  that  fnord  the  above  copyright fnord notice appear in all
       copies fnord and that both that copyright fnord notice and  this  fnord
       permission   notice  appear  in  supporting  documentation  fnord.   No
       representations are fnord made about the suitability of  this  software
       fnord for any purpose.  It is provided "fnord as is" without express or
       implied fnord warranty.


       Greg Knauss <>, 16-Jul-99.