Provided by: sfs-server_0.8-0+pre20060720.1-1.1_i386


        sfsauthd - SFS authentication daemon


        /usr/local/lib/sfs-0.8pre/sfsauthd [-u sockfile] [-f config-file]


        sfsauthd is the program responsible for authenticating users.  sfsrwsd
        and other daemons communicate with sfsauthd, forwarding it authentica‐
        tion requests from sfsagent processes on remote client machines.
        sfsauthd informs requesting daemons of whether authentication requests
        are valid, and if so what local credentials to associate with the
        remote user agent.  The sfskey program also communicates directly with
        remote sfsauthd processes when retrieving and updating users keys (with
        sfskey add, update, register, and more).


        -f config-file
            Specify an alternate sfssauthd_config configuration file.  The
            default, if -f is unspecified, is /etc/sfs/sfsauthd_config.
        -u path
            Bind unix domain socket path, and accept TCP connections passed
            over connections to that socket.  This option allows sfssd to com‐
            municate with already running sfsauthd commands using a directive
            like Service 2 -u path in sfssd_config .


            user-authentication daemon configuration
        (Files in /etc/sfs supersede default versions in /usr/local/share/sfs.)
        dirsearch(1), newaid(1), rex(1), sfsagent(1), sfskey(1), ssu(1),
        sfs_config(5), sfs_hosts(5), sfs_srp_params(5), sfs_users(5),
        sfsauthd_config(5), sfscd_config(5), sfsrosd_config(5), sfsrwsd_con‐
        fig(5), sfssd_config(5), sfs_environ(7), funmount(8), nfsmounter(8),
        sfscd(8), sfsrosd(8), sfsrwcd(8), sfsrwsd(8), sfssd(8), vidb(8)
        The full documentation for SFS is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
        the info and SFS programs are properly installed at your site, the com‐
        mand info SFS should give you access to the complete manual.
        For updates, documentation, and software distribution, please see the
        SFS website at