Provided by: sfs-server_0.8-0+pre20060720.1-1.1_i386


        sfsrwsd - SFS read-write server


        /usr/local/lib/sfs-0.8pre/sfsrwsd [-f config-file]


        sfsrwsd is the program implementing the SFS read-write server.  Ordi‐
        narily, you should never run sfsrwsd directly, but rather have sfssd do
        so.  Nonetheless, you must create a configuration file for sfsrwsd
        before running an SFS server.  See sfsrwsd_config, for what to put in
        your sfsrwsd_config file.


        -f config-file
            Specify an alternate sfsrwsd configuration file.  The default, if
            -f is unspecified, is /etc/sfs/sfsrwsd_config.


            file server configuration
        (Files in /etc/sfs supersede default versions in /usr/local/share/sfs.)
        dirsearch(1), newaid(1), rex(1), sfsagent(1), sfskey(1), ssu(1),
        sfs_config(5), sfs_hosts(5), sfs_srp_params(5), sfs_users(5),
        sfsauthd_config(5), sfscd_config(5), sfsrosd_config(5), sfsrwsd_con‐
        fig(5), sfssd_config(5), sfs_environ(7), funmount(8), nfsmounter(8),
        sfsauthd(8), sfscd(8), sfsrosd(8), sfsrwcd(8), sfssd(8), vidb(8)
        The full documentation for SFS is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
        the info and SFS programs are properly installed at your site, the com‐
        mand info SFS should give you access to the complete manual.
        For updates, documentation, and software distribution, please see the
        SFS website at