Provided by: sfs-server_0.8-0+pre20060720.1-1.1_i386


        sfssd - SFS server daemon


        sfssd [-d] [-S sfs-config-file] [-f config-file]


        sfssd is the main server daemon run on SFS servers.  sfssd itself does
        not serve any file systems.  Rather, it acts as a meta-server, accept‐
        ing connections on TCP port 4 and passing them off to the appropriate
        daemon.  Ordinarily, sfssd passes all file system connections to sfsr     
        wsd, and all user-key management connections to sfsauthd.  However, the
        sfssd_config file () allows a great deal of customization, including
        support for ‘‘virtual servers,’’ multiple versions of the SFS software
        coexisting, and new SFS-related services other than the file system and
        user authentication.


        -d  Stay in the foreground and print messages to standard error rather
            than redirecting them to the system log.
        -f config-file
            Specify an alternate sfssd configuration file.  The default, if -f
            is unspecified, is first to look for /etc/sfs/sfssd_config, then
        -S sfs-config-file
            Specify an alternate name for the sfs_config file.  If sfs-config-
            file begins with a /, then only this file is parsed.  Otherwise,
            all the directories /usr/local/share/sfs and /etc/sfs are searched
            in order, and if no file named sfs-config-file is found but a file
            sfs_config is found, that file is parsed.  However, the process
            does not look in /etc/sfs if sfs-config-file is found in
            /usr/local/share/sfs.  Thus, if you create a file /etc/sfs/sfs-con‐
            fig-file, it will override /etc/sfs/sfs_config while still incorpo‐
            rating the defaults from /usr/local/share/sfs/sfs_config.


            meta-server configuration
        (Files in /etc/sfs supersede default versions in /usr/local/share/sfs.)
        dirsearch(1), newaid(1), rex(1), sfsagent(1), sfskey(1), ssu(1),
        sfs_config(5), sfs_hosts(5), sfs_srp_params(5), sfs_users(5),
        sfsauthd_config(5), sfscd_config(5), sfsrosd_config(5), sfsrwsd_con‐
        fig(5), sfssd_config(5), sfs_environ(7), funmount(8), nfsmounter(8),
        sfsauthd(8), sfscd(8), sfsrosd(8), sfsrwcd(8), sfsrwsd(8), vidb(8)
        The full documentation for SFS is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
        the info and SFS programs are properly installed at your site, the com‐
        mand info SFS should give you access to the complete manual.
        For updates, documentation, and software distribution, please see the
        SFS website at