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     vgone, vgonel - prepare a vnode for reuse


     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/vnode.h>

     vgone(struct vnode *vp);

     vgonel(struct vnode *vp, struct thread *td);


     vgone() and vgonel() prepare a vnode for reuse by another file system.
     The preparation includes the cleaning of all file system specific data
     and the removal from its mount point vnode list.

     If the vnode has a v_usecount of zero, and its VI_DOOMED flag is not set,
     it is moved to the head of the free list as in most cases the vnode is
     about to be reused, or its file system being unmounted.

     The difference between vgone() and vgonel() is that vgone() locks the
     vnode interlock and then calls vgonel() while vgonel() expects the
     interlock to already be locked.


     This manual page was written by Chad David 〈〉.