Provided by: udev_147~-6_i386 bug


       udevd - event managing daemon


       udevd [--daemon] [--debug-trace] [--debug] [--version]
             [--resolve-names=early|late|never] [--help]


       udevd listens to kernel uevents and passes the incoming events to udev.
       It ensures the correct event order and takes care, that events for
       child devices are delayed until the parent event has finished the
       device handling. The behavior of the running daemon can be changed with
       udevadm control.


           Detach and run in the background.

           Run all events completely serialized. This may be useful if udev
           triggers actions or loads kernel modules which cause problems and a
           slow but continuous operation is needed, where no events are
           processed in parallel.

           Print debug messages to stderr.

           Specify when udevd should resolve names of users and groups. When
           set to early (the default) names will be resolved when the rules
           are parsed. When set to late names will be resolved for every
           event. When set to never names will never be resolved and all
           devices will be owned by root.

           Print version number.

           Print help text.


           Overrides the syslog priority specified in the config file.


       Written by Kay Sievers


       udev(7), udevadm(8)