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       libblkid - Bibliothèque d’identification de périphériques de type bloc


       #include <blkid/blkid.h>

       cc fichier.c -lblkid


       The  libblkid  library  is used to identify block devices (disks) as to
       their content (e.g.  filesystem type) as well as extracting  additional
       information    such   as   filesystem   labels/volume   names,   unique
       identifiers/serial numbers, etc.  A common  use  is  to  allow  use  of
       LABEL=  and  UUID=  tags  instead  of hard-coding specific block device
       names into configuration files.

       Block  device  information  is  normally   kept   in   a   cache   file
       /etc/  and is verified to still be valid before being returned
       to the user (if the user has read permission on the raw  block  device,
       otherwise   not).   The  cache  file  also  allows  unprivileged  users
       (normally anyone other than root, or those not in the "disk" group)  to
       locate  devices  by  label/id.  The standard location of the cache file
       can be overridden by the environment variable BLKID_FILE.

       In situations where one is getting information  about  a  single  known
       device, it does not impact performance whether the cache is used or not
       (unless you are not able to read the block device  directly).   If  you
       are   dealing  with  multiple  devices  use  of  the  cache  is  highly
       recommended (even if empty) as devices will  be  scanned  at  most  one
       time,  and  the  on-disk  cache  will be updated if possible.  There is
       rarely a reason not to use the cache.

       In some cases (modular kernels), block devices  are  not  even  visible
       until  after  they  are accessed the first time, so it is critical that
       there is some way to locate  these  devices  without  enumerating  only
       visible  devices,  so  the  use  of  the cache file is required in this


       libblkid a été écrite  par  Andreas  Dilger  pour  les  utilitaires  du
       système  de fichier ext2 avec les entrées de Ted Ts’o. Elle a subit par
       la suite de modifications importantes de la part de Ted Ts’o.


              Les données de cache extraites des périphériques  de  type  bloc


       libblkid  fait partie du paquet e2fsprogs depuis la version 1.33 et est
       disponible sur


       libblkid is available under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
       License (LGPL), version 2 (or at your discretion any later version).  A
       copy of the LGPL should be included  with  this  library  in  the  file
       COPYING.  If not, write to
              Free Software Foundation, Inc.
              59 Temple Place
              Suite 330
              Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

       ou consultez


       blkid_get_cache(3),        blkid_put_cache(3),        blkid_get_dev(3),
       blkid_probe_all(3),    blkid_get_devname(3),    blkid_get_tag_value(3),


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