Provided by: vim-runtime_7.2.148-2ubuntu2_all bug


        vimtutor - the Vim tutor


        vimtutor [lingua]


        Vimtutor  inizia il Vim tutor.  It copies the tutor file first, so that
        it can be modified without changing the original file.
        The Vimtutor is useful for people that want to learn  their  first  Vim
        The  optional [language] argument is the two-letter name of a language,
        like "it" or "es".  If the [language] argument is missing, the language
        of  the  current  locale  will be used.  If a tutor in this language is
        available, it will be used.  Otherwise  the  English  version  will  be
        Vim is always started in Vi compatible mode.


                       The Vimtutor text file(s).
                       The Vim script used to copy the Vimtutor text file.


        The  Vimtutor  è stato scritto in origine per Vi da Michael C. Pierce e
        Robert K. Ware, Colorado  School  of  Mines,  usando  idee  fornite  da
        Charles  Smith,  Colorado  State  University.  E-mail: bware@mines.col‐
        E’ stato modificato per Vim da Bram Moolenaar.  Per i nomi dei  tradut‐
        tori, vedere i file usati nelle rispettive lingue.
                                  2001 April 2                      VIMTUTOR(1)