Provided by: dbmix_0.9.8-6_i386 bug


        dbcat - Send audio data to DB Fourier Synthesis daemon


        dbcat [options]


        The  dbcat  tool provides a simple means to feed dbfsd with audio data.
        Both programs are part of the DBMix project,  a  digital  audio  mixing
        system.   dbcat  takes  input data from its standard input only, and is
        therefore usually used in a pipe with some other sound generating  pro‐


        -8     Input   data  comprises  of  PCM-coded  8bit  unsigned  samples.
               (Default: 16bit signed samples.)
        -c n   Connect to channel n of dbfsd.  (Default: first  channel  avail‐
        -d     Print  out  debug messages to console.  (Default: debugging dis‐
        -h     Print summary of available options.
        -m     Input data is  a  mono  stream.   (Default:  interleaved  stereo
        -r rate
               Input data is sampled at rate Hertz.  (Default: 44100Hz.)
        -v     Print version information.  (Default: no version information.)
        -S     Produce  an  endless  stream of blank audio data (silence).  Any
               input data is dropped.  This mode provides a dummy source useful
               for testing and debugging.  (Default: pass on input data.)


        mpg321 -s test.mp3 | dbcat
               Sends  a 16bit/44.1kHz stereo audio stream decoded from test.mp3
               off to dbfsd.
        dbin(1), dbfsd(1), dbmixer(1), dbmix(7).


        This manual page was written by Daniel Kobras <>,  for
        the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).  It is heavily
        based on DBMix’s README file written by Robert Michael S Dean.
                                 August 6, 2002                        DBCAT(1)