Provided by: live-helper_1.0.5-1_all bug


       lh_clean - clean up system build directories


       lh_clean  [live-helper options] [--all] [--cache] [--chroot] [--binary]
       [--purge] [--remove] [--stage] [--source]

       lh_clean [live-helper options]


       lh_clean is a high-level command (porcelain) of live-helper, the Debian
       Live  tool  suite.  It is responsible for cleaning up after a system is
       built. It removes the system build directories, and removes some  other
       files  including  stage  files,  and  any detritus left behind by other
       live-helper commands.


       In addition to its specific  options,  lh_clean  also  understands  all
       generic  live-helper options. See live-helper(7) for a complete list of
       all generic live-helper options.

           removes chroot, binary, stage, and source, cache is kept.  This  is
           the  default  operation  and  will  be  processed if no argument is

           removes all cache directories.

           unmounts and removes the chroot directory.

           removes all binary related caches, directories, and stages files.

           removes everything (including cache). The config directory is kept.

           removes  everything (including package cache, but not stage cache).
           The config directory is kept.

           removes all stage files.

           removes all source related caches, directories, and stage files.



       This program is a part of live-helper.


       More information about live-helper and the Debian Live project  can  be
       found in the homepage at <> and in
       the manual at <>.


       Report bugs by submitting a bugreport for the  live-helper  package  in
       the  Debian Bug Tracking System at <> or write a
       mail to the mailinglist at <>.


       live-helper was written by Daniel Baumann <>  for  the
       Debian project.