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pdbtxt2html(1)                                                  pdbtxt2html(1)


       pdbtxt2html - Doc Text to HTML converter for Palm Pilots


       pdbtxt2html [ -t ] file.txt [ file.html ]
       pdbtxt2html -v


       pdbtxt2html   converts   text   converted   from   a  Doc(4)  file  via
       txt2pdbdoc(1) to HTML.  If no HTML filename  is  given,  the  generated
       HTML is sent to standard output.

   Document Title
       The first line of the file is used for the HTML document title.

       The  last  line  of  the  file is examined and, if it contains a string
       enclosed between < and >, that is taken to be the bookmark marker.  The
       entire  file  is  then  scanned  looking  for  lines  beginning with it
       (ignoring leading whitespace).   These  lines  are  converted  to  HTML

       The  number of whitespace characters after the first bookmark marker is
       used for heading level 1.  The level of subsequent headings is  set  to
       the number of whitespace characters between the bookmark marker and the
       bookmark text minus the number for the first bookmark plus one.

   Embedded URLs
       Valid URLs (according to RFC 1630) embedded in the text are turned into
       hyperlinks.   The  ftp,  gopher, http, https, mailto, news, telnet, and
       wais URLs are recognized.


       -t   Compile a table of  contents  and  insert  it  between  the  first
            heading and the body.

       -v   Print the version number to standard output and exit.


       To convert a Doc file to HTML:

            txt2pdbdoc alice.pdb alice.txt
            pdbtxt2html alice.txt alice.html


       html2pdbtxt(1), txt2pdbdoc(1), doc(4), pdb(4)

       Tim  Berners  Lee.   Universal  Resource  Identifiers  in  WWW, Network
       Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force, June 1994.


       Paul J. Lucas <>

txt2pdbdoc                     January 21, 2005                 pdbtxt2html(1)