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       wipl  -  Maintain  and  display  statistics  based on packets seen by a
       network card.


       The wipl program package consists of several programs:

              This is a daemon program. The program maintains statistics based
              on packets seen by a network card. These statistics can be read,
              modified and displayed by the clients described below.

              To be more precise, the daemon program creates a  shared  memory
              area.  The  area  contains  a  table indexed either by MAC or IP
              addresses. In a  typical  setup  all  netcards  which  sends  or
              receives  data  on the LAN segment the computer running wipld is
              connected to, will end up having an entry  in  this  table.  For
              each  entry in the table a user specified number of counters are

              The user has to write a small program and give it to the daemon.
              This  program  must  be  written  in a special language which is
              called the wipl programming  language,  see  wipllang(5).   This
              program is executed for each packet seen by the network card and
              it will usually update one  or  more  counters.   Typically  the
              counters  are  updated in a way that make them indicate how much
              the cards have transmitted and  received  through  a  router  or

              This  is  a  client  program  for  wipld.  It can display tables
              containing  the  values  of  selected  counters.   It   can   be
              instructed  to  print a new table on a regular time interval and
              can write text, XML and HTML files. The values it  displays  can
              in  fact  be  the result of evaluation of arbitrary expressions.
              This, for example, allows it to display the speeds by which  the
              counters are incremented or decremented.

              This  is the wiplc from the 991008 release of wipl. This program
              is much less flexible  and  more  obscure  than  the  new  wiplc
              program.  But  you  find  might  it easier to use than wiplc for
              outputting simple tables.

              A simple cgi script. It can modify  the  statistics  written  by
              wiplc  so  that  the line describing the retreviewing machine is
              colored red.

              This is a client program for  wipld.   It  can  be  be  used  to
              execute programs written in the wipl programming language.

              For  example,  this  can  be used to modify or print all or some
              counters.  Or it can be used to remove cards which has not  been
              updated for some period from the statistics.

              This  is  a  client program for wipld.  It is meant to be called
              from the standard inetd daemon.  It  is  used  by  the  wiplJava
              applet. On request it will tell connecting clients the values of
              the counters associated with the client.

              A Java applet which can connect to a machine running  wipld  and
              which  has  wiplcInetd  installed.  It  will display information
              about the counters it reads.


       You need to have System V IPC installed in your kernel in order to  use
       this program package.


       This  release  of  the  package  is  currently only tried compiled on a
       Redhat Linux 6.0 and a Debian slink system.


       Make the daemon reread configuration on a HUP signal.

       Make the daemon print error messages during startup to stderr  and  not
       only to the logfile.

       Make  wiplc  write  nicer-looking  HTML  pages and maybe even make some
       dynamic graphics.  And make it write more usefull XML pages.  See  more
       on the wiplc man page.

       Make it possible to refer to counters by name and not just by number.

       Make  a  better  wiplJava  program  an  maybe a new extended wiplcInetd
       program to support it. And maybe port wiplJava to  native  the  Windows
       and/or X-Windows platform.

       Make  a  new datatype and new functions which uses IP addresses when in
       IP mode and MAC addresses when in MAC mode.


       Christian Worm Mortensen, <>

       Please  sent  bug  reports,  patches,  enhancements,  suggestions   and


       wipld(8),    wiplc(1),   wiplcSimple(1),   wiplcExec(1),   wipllang(5),
       wiplcInetd(8), ipcs(8), inetd(8)

                                  August 200                           wipl(1)