Provided by: cnews_cr.g7-40.4_i386 bug


        controlperm - responses to news control messages


        controlperm  controls  how the news system responds to control messages
        (specifically, at the moment, newgroup and rmgroup  control  messages).
        It’s  an ASCII text file, each line consisting of four fields separated
        by white space.
        The first field is a newsgroup pattern,  as  described  in  newssys(5),
        specifying the newsgroup(s) to which the line applies.
        The  second  field is either ‘‘any’’ or an Internet-style mail address.
        If the latter form is used, the line applies only to  control  messages
        from that author (with that address in the From header).
        The  third  field  is  a set of opcode letters indicating which control
        messages the line applies to:
               n  newgroup
               r  rmgroup
        The opcode letters can be in any order, e.g. either  ‘‘nr’’  or  ‘‘rn’’
        indicates applicability to both newgroup and rmgroup.
        The  fourth field is a set of flag letters indicating how to respond to
        a control message that meets all the applicability tests:
               y  Do it.
               n  Don’t do it.
               q  Don’t report it at all.
               v  Report it, and include the  entire  control  message  in  the
        Either  y  or  n  must be present.  In the absence of both q and v, the
        message is reported using a terse format.
        The first line which is applicable to a  control  message  governs  the
        response  to  that control message.  If no line is applicable, the mes‐
        sage is handled as if there was an applicable line  with  flag  letters


        news(5), newssys(5), RFC1036 (or successor)


        Invented by Henry Spencer for the C News project.


        Ought to be extended to the other control messages.
                                   7 Sept 1994                 CONTROLPERM(5cn)