Provided by: maildir-utils_0.4-2_i386 bug


       mu.conf - configuration file for the mu collection of Maildir utils.


       mu.conf  is  a  text  file  in  the  mu-home  directory  which contains
       configuration settings for the  mu  collection  of  maildir  utilities.
       Please refer to the manpages for the various programs for documentation
       on their particular options.

       The configuration file is divided in sections, each starting with [<

       section name >]. The section names are the same as  the  names  of  the
       programs they are for;
        e,g,  mu-find  options are found under [mu-find] and similarly for mu-
       index Global settings for all mu programs are found under [mu]

   configuration values
       The configuration values are of the form: key = value # comment

       Anything on a line on the right  side  of  a  ’#’  character,  and  the
       ’#’-character itself, are considered comments, and will be ignored.

       ;  note  that  there is no requirement for even having a mu.conf as the
       defaults might be sufficient.


       mu.conf can be found in the .mu/ directory, by default in $HOME/.mu


       Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>


       mu-find(1),    mu-index(1),    mu-mkmdir(1),    mu-msginfo(1),    mu(7)