Provided by: bombardier_0.8.2.2ubuntu1_i386 bug


       bombardier - the GNU Bombing utility




       bombardier  is  the GNU Bombing utility for POSIX Un*xes.  This was one
       of my favourite games on Commod*re Pl*s 4 when I  was  I  child.   Your
       task  is  to bomb down cities. This can be done with a 3 character wide
       curses airplane, which can drop 3 character tall bombs to  the  ugly  #
       based  houses  :-)  If you can bomb down all of the houses you can land
       with your plane, and in this case the  program  will  continue  on  the
       second city.  Good luck!


       space - drop a bomb
       p - pause the game
       q - quit from the game
       1..9 - set the speed of the game


                 The shared best score file.


       RISKO Gergely <>


       To the original bombardier programmers.
              I don’t know their names, but I wanna. So guys! If you know, who
              did the bombardier for Commodore Plus 4, please write me.

       Jochen Voss <>
              To the author of moon-buggy, because it is an other good console

       LENART Janos <>
              For the idea. And for testing, bug reports.

       Thimo Neubauer <>
              For alpha helps.

       RISKO Peter <>
              He  gave me the original idea of console games, and he found the
              moon-buggy in debian potato. For lot of testing and bug  reports
              about version 0.1 and later.

       Linus Torvalds
              For my OS.

       All Debian folks
              For the best distribution.


       Version 0.8 released at 2001. 07. 21. 20:00 +0200


       Should be reported to RISKO Gergely <>