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       droidbattles - a programming game


       droidbattles    -textmode    [-assemble   botm]   [-check   configfile]
       [-loadconfig configfile] [-battle] [-normal] [-survival]  [-deathmatch]
       [-team  num]  [-xsize  size] [-ysize size] [-numfights num] [-maxrounds
       max] [-bot botn]


       droidbattles is a programming game. You design and program bots (in  an
       asm-like  language)  in  order to make it better then anyone elses bot.
       You then run the bots in a battle simulation, where they  try  to  kill
       each other.


       droidbattles is usually ran without any options.

              Don’t  run the GUI. None of the other options have any effect if
              this isn’t given.

       -assemble botm
              Assemble the bot source file botm into a bot file.

       -check configfile
              Checks the integrity of a configuration file.

       -loadconfig configfile
              Use a different configuration for the battle.

              Run a battle.

              Set the battle mode to normal.  This is the default.

              Set the battle mode to survival.

              Set the battle mode to deathmatch.

       -team num
              Make the following bots to belong to team num.  Must be a number
              between 1 and 4.

       -xsize size

       -ysize size
              Defines  the  size  of the arena.  size must be larger than 8192
              and smaller than 65535.  If omitted, the default size  of  32768
              is used.

       -numfights num
              Fight num fights.

       -maxrounds max
              Allow  a  fight  to  last  at  most max rounds.  If omitted, the
              default value of 6000 is used.

       -bot botn
              Use bot botn in the fight(s).


       More documentation can be found in /usr/share/doc/droidbattles/html/ in
       html format.


       droidbattles was written by Andreas Agorander <>.

       This manual page was written by Kari Pahula <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  May 5, 2005                  DROIDBATTLES(6)