Provided by: openttd_0.7.1-1_i386 bug


     openttd - An open source clone of the Microprose game Transport Tycoon


     openttd [-efhx] [-a ai] [-b blitter] [-c config_file]
             [-d [level | cat=lvl[, ...]]] [-D [host][:port]] [-g [savegame]]
             [-G seed] [-i palette] [-I graphicsset] [-l host[:port]]
             [-m driver] [-n host[:port][#player]] [-r widthxheight]
             [-s driver] [-t year] [-v driver]


     -a ai                    Set the AI, see -h

     -b blitter               Set the blitter, see -h

     -c config_file           Use ’config_file’ instead of ’openttd.cfg’

     -d [level]               Set debug verbosity for all categories to level
                              or 1 if omitted

     -d cat=level[, ...]      Set debug verbosity for a specific category

     -D [host][:port]         Start a dedicated server. Sets network debug
                              level to 6. If you want to change this, use -d
                              after -D

     -G seed                  Seed the pseudo random number generator

     -e                       Start in world editor mode

     -f                       Fork into background (dedicated only, see -D)

     -g [savegame]            Load savegame at start or start a new game if

     -h                       Display a summary of all options and available
                              AIs, blitters, drivers and graphic sets

     -i palette               Set the palette, see -h

     -I graphicsset           Set the graphics set, see -h

     -l host[:port]           Redirect DEBUG(), See -D

     -m driver                Set the music driver, see -h

     -n host[:port][#player]  Join a network game, optionally specify player
                              to play as and port to connect to

     -r widthxheight          Set the resolution

     -s driver                Set the sound driver, see -h

     -t year                  Set the starting year

     -v driver                Set the video driver, see -h

     -x                       Do not automatically save to config file on exit



     Transport Tycoon Deluxe was written by Chris Sawyer and published by
     Microprose.  openttd is a free reimplementation.