Provided by: stella_2.6.1-0ubuntu1_i386 bug


       stella - Atari 2600 emulator (SDL version)
       xstella - Atari 2600 emulator (X11 version)


       stella   [-display  display]  [-fps  number]  [-owncmap]  [-zoom  size]
       [-fullscreen] [-grabmouse]  [-hidecursor]  [-center]  [-volume  number]
       [-paddle  <0|1|2|3|real>]  [-showinfo]  [-ssdir  path]  [-ssname  name]
       [-sssingle] [-pro propsfile]


       stella is a freely distributed multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS  emulator.


       stella accepts the following options:

       -display display
               Connect to the designated X display

       -fps number
               Display the given number of frames per second

               Install a private colormap

       -zoom size
               Makes window be size times normal (1-4)

               Play the game in fullscreen mode (SDL version only)

               Keeps the mouse in the game window

               Hides the mouse cursor in the game window

       -center Centers the game window onscreen

       -volume number
               Explicitly select theccSet the volume (0-100)

       -paddle <0|1|2|3|real>
               Indicates  which  paddle  the mouse should emulate or that real
               Atari 2600 paddles are being used (defaults to paddle 0)

               Shows some game info on exit

       -ssdir path
               Sets the directory to save snapshot files to

       -ssname name
               Selects how to name the snapshot (romname or md5sum)

               Generate single snapshot instead of many

       -pro propsfile
               Use the given properties file instead of


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.


              can contain your default options, and  eliminates  the  need  to
              specify  them  on the command line. Any options specified on the
              command line will override those in this file.   The  syntax  is
              very  straightforward. Any line starting with a ’;’ character is
              considered a comment and is ignored. Other lines must be of  the
              form:  command  =  value,  where  command  is  the  same as that
              specified on the command line (without the ’-’  character),  and
              value is dependent on the command.

              can  contain  global default options.  Read if ~/.stellarc isn’t