Provided by: xdigger_1.0.10-13ubuntu1_i386 bug


        xdigger - Digger game for X11


        xdigger [ options ]


        xdigger is the X-version of the (KC85-)Digger game.


        Some  standard X toolkit parameters may be given, such as -display dis‐
        play etc.
        -1 the window-size is  320x256
        -2 the window-size is  640x512 (default)
        -3 the window-size is  960x768
        -4 the window-size is 1280x1024
        -5... analog
        -noblink don’t blink (diamonds)
        -noiconmove don’t change the icon while playing
        -vert240 use a vertical resolution of 240 instead of 256
        -sound [dsp|audio|xbell|rplay|nas|auto|off] sound device
        -v, --version version
        -?, -h, --help help


        /usr/share/games/xdigger/xdigger.level /var/games/xdigger.hiscore
        The arrow keys will move the man.  Esc or C-b restarts  the  level.   x
        returns  to  the main menu.  q exits the game.  + and - will change the
        size of the window.
        Digger was originally developed for the KC 85/3 and KC 85/4.  The  pro‐
        gram  code was by Alexander Lang, the graphics were by Martin Guth, the
        title graphic by Stefan Dahlke. The levels  were  developed  by  Thomas
        Carstens,  Andrea Ernert, Martin Guth, Alexander Lang and Heiko Schade.


        Please report bugs to the author!


        Alexander Lang (
        Jan Fricke ( (KC85-sound emulation)


        Copyright (c) 1988, 1999 by Alexander Lang