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        DROP SET - Discard Slony-I replication set


        DROP SET (options);


        Drop a set of tables from the Slony-I configuration. This automatically
        unsubscribes all nodes from the set and restores the original  triggers
        and rules on all subscribers.
        ID = ival
               ID of the set to be dropped.
        ORIGIN = ival
               Current origin node of the set.
        This  uses “schemadocdropset( integer )” [not available as a man page].


          DROP SET ( ID = 5,
                     ORIGIN = 2 );
        On each node, this will require taking  out  exclusive  locks  on  each
        replicated  table  in  order to modify the table schema to clean up the
        triggers and rules.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0
                                17 November 2008                    DROP SET(7)