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        DROP  TRIGGER - Return a trigger to default behavior, where it will not
        fire on subscriber nodes


        DROP TRIGGER (options);


        Remove the special handling for the specified trigger.
        TABLE ID = ival
               The unique, numeric ID number of the table the  trigger  is  de‐
               fined for.
        TRIGGER NAME = ’string’
               The  name  of the trigger as it appears in the pg_trigger system
        EVENT NODE = ival
               (Optional) The ID of the node used to create  the  configuration
               event  that  tells all existing nodes about the special trigger.
               Default value is 1.
        This uses “schemadocdroptrigger( integer, name )” [not available  as  a
        man page].


        DROP TRIGGER (
            TABLE ID = 2,
            TRIGGER NAME = ’cache_invalidation’
        This  operation will need to acquire an exclusive lock on the specified
        table on each node to which it applies in order to alter table  schemas
        to remove the trigger.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0
                                17 November 2008                DROP TRIGGER(7)