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        RESTART NODE - Restart Slony-I node


        RESTART NODE (options);


        Causes  an  eventually running replication daemon on the specified node
        to shutdown and restart itself. Theoretically, this command  should  be
        obsolete.  In  practice,  TCP timeouts can delay critical configuration
        changes to actually happen in the case where a former  forwarding  node
        failed and needs to be bypassed by subscribers.
        ID = ival
               Node ID of the node to restart.


          RESTART NODE ( ID = 2 );
        No application-visible locking should take place.
        This  command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0; its use should be unnecesā€
        sary as of version 1.0.5.
                                17 November 2008                RESTART NODE(7)