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        SET ADD SEQUENCE - Add a sequence to a Slony-I replication set


        SET ADD SEQUENCE (options);


        Add an existing user sequence to a replication set. The set cannot cur‐
        rently be subscribed by any other node - that functionality is support‐
        ed by the MERGE SET(7) command.
        SET ID = ival
               ID of the set to which the sequence is to be added.
        ORIGIN = ival
               Origin node for the set. A future version of slonik might figure
               out this information by itself.
        ID = ival
               Unique ID of the sequence.
               Note that this ID needs to be unique across sequences throughout
               the  cluster;  the numbering of tables is separate, so you might
               have a table with ID 20 and a sequence  with  ID  20,  and  they
               would be recognized as separate.
        FULLY QUALIFIED NAME = ’string’
               The  full sequence name as described in < linkend="stmttableadd‐
        COMMENT = ’string’
               A descriptive text added to the sequence entry.
        This uses “schemadocsetaddsequence( integer,  integer,  text,  text  )”
        [not available as a man page].


             SET ADD SEQUENCE (
             SET ID = 1,
             ORIGIN = 1,
             ID = 20,
             FULLY QUALIFIED NAME = ’public.tracker_ticket_id_seq’,
             COMMENT = ’Support ticket ID sequence’
        No application-visible locking should take place.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0
                                17 November 2008            SET ADD SEQUENCE(7)