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        SET DROP TABLE - Remove a table from a Slony-I replication set


        SET DROP TABLE (options);


        Drop a table from a replication set.
        Note that this action will not drop a candidate primary key created us‐
        ing TABLE ADD KEY(7).
        ORIGIN = ival
               Origin node for the set. A future version of slonik might figure
               out this information by itself.
        ID = ival
               Unique ID of the table.
        This  uses  “schemadocsetdroptable(  integer )” [not available as a man


             SET DROP TABLE (
             ORIGIN = 1,
             ID = 20
        This operation must acquire  an  exclusive  lock  on  the  table  being
        dropped  from  replication in order to alter it to drop the replication
        trigger. On subscriber  nodes,  this  also  involves  adding  back  any
        rules/triggers that have been hidden.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0.5
                                17 November 2008              SET DROP TABLE(7)