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        SET  MOVE  TABLE  -  Move  a  table from one Slony-I replication set to


        SET MOVE TABLE (options);


        Change the set a table belongs to. The current set and the new set must
        origin on the same node and subscribed by the same nodes.
               Due  to  the  way  subscribing to new sets works make absolutely
               sure that the subscription of all nodes to the sets is complete‐
               ly processed before moving tables. Moving a table too early to a
               new set causes the subscriber to try and add the  table  already
               during  the  subscription  process, which fails with a duplicate
               key error and breaks replication.
        ORIGIN = ival
               Current origin of the set. A future version of slonik might fig‐
               ure out this information by itself.
        ID = ival
               Unique ID of the table.
        NEW SET = ival
               Unique ID of the set to which the table should be added.
        This uses “schemadocsetmovetable( integer, integer )” [not available as
        a man page].


        SET MOVE TABLE (
            ORIGIN = 1,
            ID = 20,
            NEW SET = 3
        No application-visible locking should take place.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0.5
                                17 November 2008              SET MOVE TABLE(7)