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        STORE PATH - Configure Slony-I node connection


        STORE PATH (options);


        Configures  how  the  replication  daemon  of  one node connects to the
        database of another node. If the replication system is supposed to  use
        a  special backbone network segment, this is the place to user the spe‐
        cial IP addresses or hostnames. An existing configuration can be  over‐
        The  conninfo  string  must  contain  all information to connect to the
        database as the replication superuser. The names ‘server’  or  ‘client’
        have  nothing to do with the particular role of a node within the clus‐
        ter configuration. It should be simply viewed as ‘the server’  has  the
        message  or  data  that ‘the client is supposed to get.’ For a simple 2
        node setup, paths into both directions must be configured.
        It does not do any harm to configure path information from  every  node
        to  every  other node (full cross product). The connections are not es‐
        tablished unless they are required to actually transfer events or  con‐
        firmations  because of listen entries or data because of subscriptions.
        SERVER = ival
               Node ID of the database to connect to.
        CLIENT = ival
               Node ID of the replication daemon connecting.
        CONNINFO = string
               PQconnectdb() argument to establish the connection.
        CONNRETRY = ival
               Number of seconds to wait before another attempt to  connect  is
               made in case the server is unavailable. Default is 10.
        This  uses “schemadocstorepath( integer, integer, text, integer )” [not
        available as a man page].


        STORE PATH ( SERVER = 1, CLIENT = 2,
                     CONNINFO = ’dbname=testdb host=server1 user=slony’
        No application-visible locking should take place.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0
                                17 November 2008                  STORE PATH(7)