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        UNSUBSCRIBE SET - End replication of Slony-I set


        UNSUBSCRIBE SET (options);


        Stops the subscriber from replicating the set. The tables are opened up
        for full access by the client application on the former subscriber. The
        tables  are not truncated or otherwise modified. All original triggers,
        rules and constraints are restored.
        ID = ival
               ID of the set to unsubscribe
        RECEIVER = ival
               Node ID of the (former) subscriber
        This uses “schemadocunsubscribeset( integer, integer )” [not  available
        as a man page].


           ID = 1,
           RECEIVER = 3
        Exclusive  locks on each replicated table will be taken out on the sub‐
        scriber in order to drop replication triggers from the tables  and  re‐
        store other triggers/rules.
        Resubscribing an unsubscribed set requires a complete fresh copy of da‐
        ta from the provider to be transferred since the tables have been  sub‐
        ject to possible independent modifications.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0
                                17 November 2008             UNSUBSCRIBE SET(7)