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        UPDATE FUNCTIONS - Reload stored functions


        UPDATE FUNCTIONS (options);


        Reloads stored functions for a node.
        Reloads  all  stored  procedure and function definitions in the Slony-I
        schema for the specified node. This command  is  usually  part  of  the
        Slony-I software upgrade procedure.
        ID = ival
               The node to refresh.


            ID = 3        # Update functions on node 3
        No application-visible locking should take place.
        This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0


        Any  mismatch  between  slonik(1)  and  the C libraries ‘living’ in the
        PostgreSQL installation will result in this failing to do what  is  ex‐
        pected, and, more than likely, failing to run at all. You may think you
        are upgrading to version 1.1.5, but if you are running  slonik(1)  from
        version  1.1.2,  or  if  you didn’t restart the database with a version
        that has 1.1.5 libraries, and instead are referencing  C  stored  func‐
        tions from version 1.1.1, the attempt to upgrade will fail, because the
        sets of C functions have regularly changed between major versions.
        Before Slony-I 1.2, the error messages that would result would  be  not
        terribly  informative; what you’d find, in PostgreSQL logs, is some er‐
        ror message about being unable to load some stored function  that  hap‐
        pens to be implemented in C. As of 1.2, one of the first things done is
        to load a stored function to verify version numbers; it complains in  a
        much more direct fashion if you have some versioning mismatch.
                                17 November 2008            UPDATE FUNCTIONS(7)