Provided by: clig_1.9.11.1-3_all bug


        ::clig::Commandline - declare variable to store concatenated argv


        package require clig
        namespace import ::clig::*
        setSpec db
        Commandline varname


        The  command  Commandline  records  in the database db specified in the
        most recent call to setSpec the name varname of a variable  to  be  set
        the concatenated elements of the command line by a clig-parser.
        With a declaration like
          Commandline tool
        a C-program calling
           Cmdline *cmd = parseCmdline(argc, argv);
        will find in cmd->tool all elements of argv joined into one string with
        intervening blanks.


        This even works with the command line parser for Tcl, ::clig::parseCmd     
        line, although in contrast to C it is rather useless in Tcl.
        clig(1),     clig_Description(7),     clig_Double(7),     clig_Flag(7),
        clig_Float(7), clig_Int(7), clig_Long(7),  clig_Name(7),  clig_Rest(7),
        clig_String(7), clig_Usage(7), clig_Version(7), clig_parseCmdline(7)